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Eventfull day

today was eventfull. I got up felling bad even thought my dream was so good, I had breakfast and watched Cartoons with Lisa and Aroura then I started to get to work on the laundry and cleaning up my side of the room, then matt calles he ask if we would like some guests, and that he an Teera will be comming over. I alwayes wanted to meet teera, and couldent turn them down, We started to clean up, soon after they showed up matt had to go to a job interview and left terra with us, we chatted my I played her PSP finaly I got to touch one, they have so many games I want. Later we watched Miami Guns again, then dani came over, matt and terra left then it got boring so we went to woodlawns shopping center, we did it was alright we found some ok shops but one took the cake, later on we ordered pizza, and watched clerks, I cant tell you the last time I say that movie, then I took a shower and now i'm updating today was a really eventfull day.
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