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Argh when is the going to start ?

well this morning, it was pretty fair as usual, I got abit on the late side usual I take the 6:30 shuttle but that didnt happen I rode the seven one instead on my way walking I say Qzzy riding his bike from work, he told me to keep quiet about the situation, but I told him I and its cool kathy or lashanda won't hear it from me, also I say two dead baby rabbits in the one if the bushed while walking to building 13 on looked like it's stomach had been riped open.

Nothing interesting happend at school, it seems we are/had a firedrill today I wouldent know cause at 12:000 I come home.

I just finished the Hana Yori Dango it sadens me how it ended, but for future reference i'm going to keep the scanlations I started at 17, i'm still waiting on the book and well be overjoyed when I collect them.

well thats it from me i'm going to wash dishes and the watnot
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